Autococker SST LP Chamber

Looking to lower your pressure on your 2K or newer Cocker or E-Blade. This chamber replaces your allen bolt that holds on your front air block.  Hey, look at these great features.

  • Holds a big 6cc, much more volume, for low pressure operation
  • 4 port high flow design and 100% stainless steel
  • Light weight by increasing bore size and removing excess material
  • No plating to chip which can cause internal problems. High polished finish and appears chrome
  • Better clearances around the Reg. and 3 way. Chambers are overall 3 3/8" long


Autococker Precision Bearing Sear

Looking to remove more friction from your cocker to maximize its efficiency and increase cycle rates.  A standard sear rubs on the ramp that is part of the trigger plate. We eliminate that friction by adding a precision roller bearing at the point of friction, at the tip.  First, here are some benefits by using this sear. The single most effective drop in accessory for the cocker. Try having the lug wear this sear out..

  • Precision quality ABEC 5 grade miniature precision roller bearing.
  • Heat treated for maximum wear resistance and durability. Hardened in excess of Rockwell 56C.
  • Hand polished tip were hammer lug engages the sear for silk smooth trigger releases.
  • Wider than stock for minimal side to side wobble.
  • Fully CNC machined with a dual ground surface finish.
  • Precision reamed hole for the most precise fit.

Replaces stock sear with no other mods needed. Fits all Autocockers.

Autococker Pro Valve Tool

For those who have tried to remove the valve without the right tool you know exactly what I'm talking about. This tool makes it easy to remove the jamb nut so you can remove your valve.  Some more info about our world class valve tool.

  • Solid Stainless Steel construction,
    rugged design ment for a lifetime
  • No other tools required like some others. Built in "T" handle with 2 milled flats on the end for a wrench if needed.
  • Quality NDZ made, nothing else out there like this !!
  • Look great in your box or pro shop.
  • For all Autocockers. This is the only valve tool you'll ever need.

Oh yeah, just one thing. If you loan it out don't expect it to come back. Everyone wants one.

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