G3 Spec-R, G4 Performance Backcap !!!  Simple drop in performance by NDZ and NO tools required !!  NDZ, performance and reliability is the name of the game.  Allows for reduced input pressure, dwell settings and quieter operation.  Basically, we improved every functional aspect of your DP G4 !! 

  • improves efficiency for higher shot count and shot to shot consistency
  • engineered to reduce internal friction
  • ramped exhaust ports for better air flow
  • spiral/ vortex milling for improved airflow efficiency
  • tuned porting for better consistency & flow 
  • adds 10-15+fps over stock bolt guide, just by swapping this out !!!
  • hand installation and removal, NO tools needed. Allows for quick, super easy bolt service/ cleaning !!!
  • includes all o-rings and installed bumper



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