EGO Black Out Kit

Dressing up your Eclipse EGO was never easier. Includes all screws needed, even covers the Star frame.

  • 8 eye/grip screws
  • 2 feedneck screws
  • 2 Star frame screws
  • 2 frame mount screws

Customize your EGO.. Way cool.

07 EGO Blade Trigger

Another first, our new 07 EGO trigger. with a full range of adjustments. Adjust pre, post travel, magnetic force along with switch activation adjustment.

  • adjust pre, post travel along with magnetic force and trigger activation point
  • our blade offers more open finger area
  • blade profile, with smooth radiused finger section for ultra comfort
  • Loctite (removable) is pre-applied to screws so they will not loosen on their own
  • reach higher rates of fire, super light only 6gr. easier to walk
  • includes allen key

*Available Dust Black, Silver, Blue & Red


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