Impulse "Equalizer" Pro Delrin Bolts

This is the new bolt your hearing about, its the latest in cutting edge tech!! Our stubby is the shortest and lightest bolt you can find.  First, here are some benefits by using this bolt. Available in white also !!

  • NO O-rings, never requires lube..
  • Actual field tests show an increase in velocity of  12-30 FPS over stock with some nearing 30+ FPS during initial HPA tests
  • Greatly improved consistency, you may think the chrono is not reading.
  • Efficiency increases up to 36%, 27% over some other aftermarket bolts. Varies from marker to marker
  • Allows you to lower input operating pressure and or decrease your dwell.
  • Delrin bolts do not wear the Impulse body like the stock aluminum bolt.  Specific sections on the bolt are slightly smaller to decrease even more friction.  Look closely...
  • High flow port design to stabilize the air with an ultra smooth surface finish.
  • The"Equalizer" chamber between the bolt and the ball is designed to displace air pressure over the whole back surface of the ball with the increased volume area and not just 6 holes.
  • Angled air inlet port for the best possible air flow, efficiency and less turbulence.
  • Our stock length bolt weighs only 29.5gr. while our stubby is a mere 19.3gr. considerably less than the aluminum one at 54.6gr. allowing faster cycling due to less inertia.
  • Improves accuracy by decreasing recoil while providing a quieter shot.
  • Also, don't be surprised when you go chrono and the alarm sounds, you'll be shooting hot.
  • Custom and stubby are also sold in white
  • As pictured from top to bottom. Stock, Flush, Custom 5" and the 3.3" Stubby length.


Impulse Titanium Bolt Pins

Our new bolt pin is one of the lightest, most durable you will find.  Here are some benefits by using this TI pin.

  • Titanium bolts pins are almost half the weight of the stock pins. These pins weigh only 6.8gr versus 13.1gr of the stock stainless steel one.
  • Less weight means less kick, which ultimately translates into better accuracy.
  • Titanium steel that has the best corrosion resistant properties.
  • Choice from two styles available, polished head is standard on both.
  • This pin makes the perfect combo for the Impulse "Equalizer"bolt.
  • Standard equipment on Toxic Impulse's



Impulse Fully Adjustable Trigger "FAT"

Not to be confused with other blade triggers on the market. The widest trigger made with a large finger radius for extreme comfort. Now you can have that "mouse click" trigger pull for a difference you can really feel and see.  Lets see what's different.

  • They come anodized in our 6 popular colors for maximum wear resistance and style
  • Fully adjustable for both the switch contact and post travel
  • No need to remove the trigger for adjustments, make them on the gun through the small access holes
  • Nylon tipped trigger stop set screw to stop frame wear.  Both set screws are made of stainless steel with American threads. Not only that, the screws themselves can never back out and get lost
  • Loctite (serviceable) is pre-applied to both screws for added convenience
  • Wider than stock for minimal side to side wobble
  • Its as wide as the trigger guard with a rounded finger area for the ultimate in comfort.  Its .375 wide.
  • Replaces the stock trigger with
    no other modification.
  • The only trigger that comes packaged with an allen wrench.

* Also, fits Shockers that have the flat top trigger as pictured, and not the domed version.


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