Impulse Custom Hammer Shaft
"Slik Shot" Stainless Steel

Seems like you can always make something better, just at what expense.  Well, we take it to the next level again.

  • These shafts have a special molecular bonded coating which decrease the coefficient of drag to .03   The coating will not rub off.
  • The shaft diameter size and O-ring groove have been slightly resized to reduce even more unwanted friction.
  • The surface finish is ultra smooth. O-ring contact surface is a smooth 6-7ui finish.
  • Also, the back of the shaft has been extended to increase overall efficiency.  For example, the solenoid allows only a certain amount air into the hammer/ shaft assembly.  Well, some of the wasted space has been filled by the back portion of the shaft. Also helps move the shaft quicker and waste less air.  Similar to what the hammer cap accomplishes.
  • Can help eliminate the first shot drop off condition.
*Comes with O-ring and instructions..

Impulse Stock & Custom series Hammer Caps

This time you can add looks as well as great performance.  If you have the slotted style hammer cap, you'll notice its hollow. Replace it and you will see a performance gain.  For newer Impulse owners its about customization. Great custom looks and performance.  Click on pic or here to see it larger. From top left is Biohazard, Nuclear, Cracked, Dragon, - 2nd row left Target, Web and Chrome. All colors also available with out any engraving.

  • Actual tests show that the solid hammer caps increase your velocity as well as cycling the marker faster, and its noticeable..  HPA users can see a 14-25fps increase while co2 users normally see about 3-7fps.
  • The stock series shown as have a 1/8 allen fitting.


*Available in Red, Black, Green, Purple, Blue & Silver.. Chrome is non-engraved.

Impulse Hammers (3 Versions)

The choice of weight is yours. The brass is heavier over the stainless steel version. The mid weight is just that, right in the middle.

  • Testing shows that a heavier hammer does increases velocity
  • With the increase in velocity you can lower your input pressure/ dwell
  • Stainless steel is more durable.
  • Stock Alum.  15.9gr
  • Brass (left) 48gr
  • SST (middle)  Reg.  44.1gr
  • SST Mid. (right) 29.8gr

Conversion factor  1gram = 15.43236 grain

*More detailed information will be available at a later date.

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