Impulse/ 03 Shocker (Flex Grip) Lo Rize Halo or Universal

The lowest one you can find (Halo version). Brings your hopper much lower to make you and your marker less of a target. The top row is for universal hoppers or VL Revolutions while the bottom row fits only the Halo. They are 1 piece construction and have 3 grooves inside with o-rings that provide that added grip or what we call Flex-Grip.

  • 1 Piece design, and a custom size for universal or Halo
  • Halo version is very low, 1 1/4 inches shorter than stock and only 1 1/4 inched high. Wow..
  • Universal version is only 18.5 gr and only 1.57 inches long. Almost 1" shorter than stock !
  • Our universal versions length is designed to place the ball near the center of the hoppers eye, this eliminates unnecessary hopper action & noise
  • Includes and milled for 3 o-rings for more extra positive holding force
  • Comes in all our popular colors

*We recommend using a low rise on vision Impulses. May be used on non-Vision Impulse but some users may experience ball chopping.

*Available in Universal & Halo. Red, Black, Green, Purple, Blue & Silver.

Impulse LPR/ANS Ultimate Combo

Finding the right LPR parts taking too much time or too much $$$. We take all the guess work out. Now you can setup your Impulse with our complete LPR kit thats 99% pre-assembled. You get the reliability of the ANS reg. integrated with our high volume valve cap for one sweet looking performance package. Click here for old/new picture.

  • Includes the new revised style ANS high flow regulator, capable of supporting 18-20 balls per second
  • Our tourney legal locking regulator knob w/allen key
  • Includes swivel fitting, hose, LPR nipple and all O-rings, everything you would ever need
  • Includes our high volume valve cap, more than double the stock volume
  • Old setup weights 109.8gr the new config is only a mere 75 gr
  • New setup is about 3/4" shorter and looks much sleeker

*Available in Red, Black, Green, Purple, Blue, Silver and Chrome Regs. Dealers, mix up the colors like the Spiderman/ Superman shown..

Impulse R.I.P. High Flow Angled Port Valve

Looking to blow your competition away? Nothing comes close to our revised RIP valve for efficient air flow. Get that extra innovative edge. Our new valve is 2nd to none and will set you apart from every other valve currently available. Manufactured from a combination of aluminum and Delrin which makes this is a lightweight but also a highly reliable choice. Finish is anodized, pewter in color.

  • Radial intake port profile R.I.P.
  • Revised - no internal o-ring to lube
  • Angled exhaust port for maximum unrestricted air flow
  • Internal spring for no disruption of air flow, lost valve springs or noise
  • Initial tests show an increase of 20+fps from a stock valve and 40+fps on an LPR setup Imp. 140psi inlet, 60psi bolt pressure
  • Many more shots per tank, not just 10 or 20. How about hundreds+...
  • Valve weighs only 18.6 grams, w/O-rings, lightweight by comparison
  • Our Delrin valve stem has a small surface area which makes it easier to open under any operating pressure
  • Professionally used by team Strange and other high profile teams
  • Comes complete as shown w/ O-rings

Note: Stock valve spring is no longer used.

Pat Pend.

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