Impulse Aluminum Vision I-Covers in 3 Styles

Lightweight aluminum Impulse vision eye covers with distinctive milling. Once installed, its easy to remove for cleaning under your cover. Just unscrew the ball detent and off it comes. No need to remove your whole frame anymore.

  • Fits all Impulse's including all after market boards and eyes without any modifications
  • Allows for easy cleaning of your eye and ribbon from a messy chop or from that hit down the side of your marker
  • I-Cover also provides a surface ideal for stickers
  • Comes in 3 styles and 6 different colors. Standard, flame and narrow

$  Engraved versions available

*Available Red, Black, Green, Purple, Blue & Silver.

Impulse "TALON" Grip

Hey, get a grip. We call this baby the Talon, simply because it looks like one.

  • Fits both the early and newer style Impulses. Either way your covered
  • Comes with new screw

NOTE: These will not fit on the I-frame.

* Available in Black, Silver, Red, Blue Green and Purple.



Impulse/03 Shocker Ball Detents

Customization with added performance is what its all about. Our new Impulse style threaded ball detents with custom star milling. We offer both the short and long (Vision side) length style ball detents. Our detents have a slightly higher spring rate. This helps prevent double feeding when using force feed hoppers. Yet, not that strong to create unwanted wear on the detents or bolt.

  • Custom milled profile
  • Slightly higher spring rate. Helps prevent double feeding when using force feed hoppers
  • Comes in all our popular colors as shown
  • Standard or Vision length

*Available Red, Black, Green, Purple, Blue & Silver.

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