Impulse Adjustable PRO-MAG Trigger

Its definitely different. Wider than ever with a large finger radius for extreme comfort. Its swept back much closer to the frame. And more... 

  • It's MAGNETIC or if you wish you can still use your stock spring
  • Swept back design, .350 closer to the frame than our standard trigger. Click here.
  • We utilizes a hi-force NEO magnet. The trigger magnet is oversized for even more force if so desired
  • Fully adjustable screws for switch contact, post travel and new pin lock
  • Make all your adjustments without removing the trigger
  • Nylon tipped trigger stop set screw to stop frame wear.  All screws are stainless steel
  • Loctite (serviceable) is pre-applied to installed screws for added convenience
  • Much wider than stock for minimal side to side wobble
  • As wide as the trigger guard with a rounded finger area for the ultimate in comfort.  Its .388 wide, even wider than our standard FAT trigger
  • Packaged with allen key.

NOTE: For use on frames with a vertical trigger spring. Frames not having a through hole from the top can be modified, however we recommend that a qualified airsmith perform the work. (Consult your local dealer)

* Available in Black, Silver, Red, Blue Green and Purple.

Impulse Solenoid/ Board Tray

Hey, check these out. Not only are we known for upgrades that work, but also cool looking products that add some flash..  Available in your choice, either with or without the side access holes.

  • Custom flame CNC milled engraving on both sides, facing rearward
  • With side holes. Side holes are for use on Impulses that have the stock cricket board, as shown
  • Without side holes. These are for use with Impulses that have the W.A.S. EQ board. Why no holes? The EQ board does not have any side buttons for adjustments
  • Also available without any milling

* Available in Black, Silver, Red and Blue. The blue shown above is lighter than what is in stock.


Impulse/ SFT Shocker Pro-Clamp Feedneck

With players pretty much wanting to weld the hopper to their marker, we have to design our next series of clamp feeds. ND adjustable clamp feednecks will grip onto what ever you may have. Go ahead run, slide, dive and know your hopper will still be were you put it.

  • Adjustable latch system. Adjusts from Revi to Halo and everything in between in seconds
  • internal cross hatch pattern for even more grip
  • Sleek, low profile design
  • Superior anodized finished
  • Comes in all our popular colors

*We recommend using a low rise on vision Impulses. May be used on non-Vision Impulse but some users may experience ball chopping.

*Available in Red, Black, Green, Purple, Blue & Silver.

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