MINI Pro-Lock clamp feeds

Even lower than your stock clamp. Features posi-lock, the lever normally wants to remain closed. Includes an internal cross hatched pattern to firmly grip and hold on whatever you may have, Egg, Halo, etc. Click on pic or here for larger view.

  • clamp or unclamp your hopper in seconds
  • internal crossed hatch pattern for a firm solid grip
  • super low profile, smallest for the MINI

*Available in Red, blue, black, and silver.

MINI V3 Tru-Flo Bolt

Our V3 bolt allows running much lower input pressures and or dwell settings. Improves shot consistency, increases velocity, reduces bolt wear and reduces cycling mass. Minimizes friction, less weight for reduced kick.

  • V3 offers a reduction in friction with our special sizing for better consistency
  • uses soft start feature
  • will help to to reduce input pressure & or dwell
  • tapered front allows sooner ball drop into breech
  • delrin version, weighs 5.9gr. thats 6.8gr.less than stock, thats more than a 52% weight reduction 
  • delrin version shows no marks from the spring
  • improved shot to shot consistency
  • increases velocity

Note: Dirt and other foreign media can extremely shorten the life of your delrin or aluminum bolt and or your marker breech.

MINI Detents

NDZ MINI replacement detents adding some bling. With little aftermarket parts, one mini looks pretty much just like the other. Well, we can change that rather quickly.

  • adds a cool look to your Mini
  • replacement for damage or lost ones
  • custom spinner style
  • includes 2 detents & 2 alum. covers

*Available in Red, blue, black, and silver.

NOTE: Save your stock springs, as you will need to use them w/ours

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