ION Spring Detent Kit

Replacement detents for the ION. Check these out. Spring loaded which is easier on the ball and offers less friction on the bolt.

  • come in packs of 3, 3 springs and 3 delrin detents
  • easier on brittle paint
  • less friction on bolt
  • works great with force feed hoppers



Fits - All IONS

- Epiphany
- Vibe
- SP1
- SP8

ION Fully Adjustable Triggers

NDZ triggers have become so popular, beware of cheap initations that look the same. Fully adjustable ION trigger. Has more adjustments to find that sweet spot. Wave on left, blade center and the S-treme on right.

  • 100% compatible with BlackHeart board
  • Dual roller bearing design for minimal side to side wobble
  • Includes precision ground pin for the ideal bearing to pin fit
  • adjustable, pre, post and trigger switch activation
  • adjustable magnetic force. Remove one magnet for less force, both for no force
  • adjustments made with trigger on the frame
  • Nylon tipped trigger stop set screw to stop frame wear.  All screws are stainless steel.
  • Loctite (serviceable), pre-applied to screws for added convenience
  • Wider than stock for comfort
  • Replaces the stock trigger with no other modification.
  • All NDZ triggers come with allen key(s)
* Available in : Black, Silver, Red & Blue


A drop in assembly for the ION. Allows air venting at the QEV instead of routing it back through the solenoid. This allows quicker cycles while being able to lower your dwell.

  • Increases cycle rates and many more shots per tank
  • Allows user to decrease either dwell or input pressure or in most cases both
  • This QEV does not require any body mods, simply install it
  • Includes quick disconnect fitting and hose


* Comes as shown, with hose, fitting and o-ring

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