ION Pro EQ Bolt (V2)

*NEW* Revised. The best bolt is now even lighter.  Less weight which results in even less kick. Teflon treated bolt for even less friction and wear. 

  • increases volume for low pressure operation
  • only 15.6gr 1/3rd the weight of stock
  • less weight, means less kick
  • hardcote finish thats Teflon impregnated for even less friction 

ION Saw Blade Roller Trigger

NDZ triggers have become so popular, beware of cheap initations that look the same.Our ION Roller SAW blade trigger. Unique styling with an awesome feel. Other triggers not working for you.. this will sure to be a hit. 

  • 100% compatible with BlackHeart board
  • unique custom profile
  • dual roller bearing design for minimal side to side wobble
  • includes precision ground pin for the ideal bearing to pin fit. No more sanding or destroying the bearing during installation
  • Fully adjustable, post travel along with trigger switch activation
  • Adjustable magnetic force. Remove one magnet for less force, both for no force
  • Adjustments made with trigger on the frame
  • nylon tipped trigger stop set screw to stop frame wear.  All screws are stainless steel with SAE threads
  • Loctite (serviceable) is pre-applied to all screws for added convenience
  • Wider than stock for minimal side to side wobble
  • packaged with an allen wrench.

* Available in : Black, Silver, Red & Blue

ION Breech, Stock or A/Cocker Thread

With so many other barrels out there, everyone seems to have cocker threaded barrels. Our new breech opens up a whole new barrel option. Includes our popular spring detent kit.  

  • 3 grams lighter than stock
  • cocker barrel threads or stock
  • o-rings pre-installed
  • comes with spring detent kit

Available in : Black, Silver, Red & Blue

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