ION Swivel Donut (high Volume)

ION Swivel donut. Adds air volume before it enters the firing can. We call this the pre-stage. Offers less weight and improves airflow.  

  • lighter, save 3 grams over stock
  • adds air volume capacity for lower pressure operation
  • looks HOT with cut through bodies
  • replaces stock units than may become damaged or stripped over time

Available in : Black, Silver, Red & Blue

ION "Scorpion" Grip Frame

Included features (base) version. Also offered as a combo kit, which includes a reversible 15* ASA and roller blade trigger.

  • recessed body mount screws
  • Ultra Lite, only 6.8 oz or 192grams w/asa
  • includes straight asa
  • magnetic trigger return
  • available as combo kit shown on right (w/15* asa and trigger)
  • side adjust trigger pre-travel
  • switchable left or right side gauge port
  • 15* asa doubles as 15* rear facing
  • built in snatch grip
  • huge finger area
  • revised on/off button area, for easier on or off
  • built in rail for direct ASA mounting, using 4 mounting holes

Includes on/off button and all hardware for mounting

ION Skeleton Bolt

*NEW* A total overhaul of our EQ style bolt. These are the lightest single piece aluminum bolts that you can throw at an ION. Less weight means virtually no kick. Special Teflon treated bolt for even less friction and wear. 

  • *double o-ring bolt that seals off air inlet during firing for increased air efficiency (left bolt)
  • more volume capacity for low pressure operation , reduced tail shaft diameter
  • only 10.5gr, its so light, you'd think its from another planet
  • high flow port design, makes for even quieter operation
  • eliminates kick
  • teflon impregnated hardcoat finish for even less friction 

* Patented product sold under license from Dye Precision. Patent 5,613,483

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