NDZ Drop Kicks

The latest craze.. Not only do you need the right angles one the field, but on your marker as well. These will kick your tank on an angle allowing for a much tighter profile. Features custom mill pattern and dual Ball-loc clamp system. Milled with a standard universal dovetail for either our on/offs or anyone else's. 

  • Comes standard with built in universal dovetail
  • Dual Ball-loc clamp system, for that positive grip
  • Custom milled for great looks
  • Comes with all hardware as shown
  • Weighs only 30.5gr!!
*Available in Red, Black, Green, Purple, Blue, Silver

Halo B/ Reloader B Drive (O.D.) Overdrive Pulley

Feed more paint than ever with our new delrin Overdrive (O.D.) pulley.  Features 2 grooves for dual speed choices.  The deeper groove is much faster than stock, while the other groove is even faster. This simply presses on by hand over the brass motor pulley.

Stock gear ratio is 6.2:1  while our first ratio is about 4:1 and the faster groove is a whopping 3.7:1

  • includes new belt

Halo B/ Reloader B RIP Wheels

Why re-invent the wheel. Yeah, some of the other wheels may look good, but thats were it all comes to a screeching halt. Remember how easy your stock wheel was to turn? We combine the strenght the pro's need with the best form, fit and function. So, say good-bye to the hard to turn wheels for good. Try NDZ and never look back. See more pics here !!

  • carved from aircraft grade aluminum
  • superior fit
  • real easy to turn profile, easy on your fingers
  • last RIP wheel you will ever need

Available in black, silver, red & blue


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