Halo B/ Reloader B Drive Cones/ Pulley Combo Kit (revised)

*Update-Now compatible with the newest B2 releases.

We have the solution so your hopper will keep feeding paint like mad without breaking. Coupled with our O.D. overdrive pulley is our new durable delrin drive cone.

NDZ overdrive (O.D.) pulley.  Features dual grooves for 2 speed choices.  This basically almost doubles the speed of your hopper. The deeper groove is much faster than stock, while the other groove is even faster. Simply press on by hand over the brass Halo motor pulley.

Stock gear ratio is a 6.2:1  while our first ratio is about 4:1 and the faster groove is a whopping 3.7:1

  • includes new belt
  • cone has a SST pin that will not break

Halo B/ Reloader B Drive Cones (revised)

*Update-Now compatible with the newest B2 releases.

With the stock cone being made out of fairly brittle platic. It seems like everyone is changing out the stock cone for something much more reliable. Well, we have the solution so your hopper will keep feeding the paint without breaking. Our new delrin drive cone.

  • has pressed in SST pin what will not break
Qwik Flip On/Off w/Purge

Seems like some users want a front feed asa. With our NEW 180° Qwik flip on/off we solve that problem quickly, and yes, its all 100% aluminum. The lever points to the rear when on, so it will NOT turn off when you slide into your bunker.

  • turned it off, it purges
  • EZ and quick to turn
  • small profile, comes w/ or w/o a rail
  • adjustable lever tension, make it loose or tight, an industry first
  • includes air fitting, which is normally extra w/ other on/offs
  • hardcoat treated on/off lever, and YES its 100% aluminum. NO plastic on the is On/Off

*Available Dust or Gloss in Black, Silver, Blue & Red.

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