Nerve "Equalizer" Pro Delrin Bolt

The first aftermarket performance bolt for the Nerve and it's what you'll soon be hearing about.

  • Actual field tests show an increase in velocity of  10-15 FPS over stock
  • Never requires lube
  • Improved consistency
  • Rear vented bolt further increses consistency
  • Leading edge of bolt is tapered to smoothen transition into breech
  • Allows you to lower input operating pressure and or decrease your dwell.
  • High air flow port design to stabilize the air with an ultra smooth surface finish.
  • "Equalizer" chamber between the bolt and the ball is designed to displace air pressure over the whole back surface of the ball with the increased volume area and not just 6 holes.
  • Angled air inlet port for the best possible air flow, efficiency and less turbulence.
  • Also, don't be surprised when you go chrono and sound the alarm, you'll be shooting hot.


Nerve, Impulse, SFT Shocker
Pro-Lock Feednecks

New NDZ Pro-Lock clamp feed system. Features posi-lock, the lever normally wants to remain closed. We also made them with an internal cross hatched pattern to firmly grip and hold on whatever you may have, Egg, Halo, etc. Click on pic or here for larger view.

  • clamp or unclamp your hopper at the flip of a lever, just seconds
  • internal crossed hatch pattern for a firm solid grip
  • set it quickly to hopper using an allen key or for fine adjustment
  • small, low profile the smallest on the market
  • dealers call for custom color combinations

*Available in the colors shown.  Red, blue, black, and silver.



Nerve Ball Detents

Customization with added performance is what we are all about. Our Nerve/ Impulse style threaded ball detents with custom star milling. We offer both the short and long (Vision side) length style ball detents both for Impulses and 03 Shockers. Our detents have a slightly higher spring rate. This helps prevent double feeding when using force feed hoppers. Yet, not that strong to create unwanted wear on the detents and or bolt.

  • Custom milled profile
  • Slightly higher spring rate. Helps prevent double feeding when using force feed hoppers
  • Comes in all our popular colors as shown
  • Standard (2 short) for Nerve, sold in pairs

*Available Red, Black, Green, Purple, Blue & Silver.

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