Custom Milled,Vented Rear Plate

So your thinking, ah not much to it, right.. Guess what, Wrong. Not only do these plates look pimp. But they will actually increase your velocity and consistency on your Nerve. How?? Our vents are specifically placed thus allowing the air to escape or enter.

  • Custom tribal or skull milled plates
  • Each plate is vented to assist air transfer during firing
  • Helps improve shot to shot consistency

Expect only the best!!

*Available Black, Silver, Blue & Red.

Nerve Custom Hammer Shaft
"Slik Shot" SST

Just like it's big brother the Impulse Slik Shot, the Nerve Slik Shot is made with performance in mind.

  • These shafts have a special molecular bonded coating which decrease the coefficient of drag to .03   The coating will not rub off.
  • The shaft diameter sizes and O-ring groove have been slightly resized to reduce even more unwanted friction.
  • The surface finish is ultra smooth. O-ring contact surface is a smooth 6-7ui finish.
*Comes with O-ring and instructions..


Nerve LPR Pressure Setup

Nobody really knows what their LPR pressure is. Now you can with our LPR gauge kit.

  • Allows user to check the LPR pressures at the rear port under rear plate for diagnostic purposed only..

Comes complete as shown.

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