SLG, M8, PM8 Regulator Adapter

Our regulator adapter allows you to use a standard regulator on your DM8, M8 or SLG. Simple remove your old reg., thread this in, and attach you regulator of choice. That simple..

  • adds color , choose a theme
  • allows use of aftermarket regulators

*Available Black, Silver, Blue & Red.

SLG Slik Trigger

The very popular and solid performer is our dual roller Slik profile which is now available for your SLG.

  • adds color
  • dual bearings for the easiest, lightest movement
  • pre and post travel adjustments

*Available Black, Silver, Blue & Red.

SLG Back Cap

Replace your stripped or damaged back cap.

  • adds color
  • custom profile, helps install or remove by hand

*Available Black, Silver, Blue & Red.

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