SLG Pro-Clamp

NDZ Pro-Lock clamp feed system. Features posi-lock, the lever normally wants to remain closed. Feature internal cross hatched pattern to firmly grip and hold on whatever you may have. Click pic or here for larger view.

  • clamp/ unclamp hopper in seconds
  • internal crossed hatch pattern for a firm solid grip
  • one time quick set allen key, fine adjustment
  • lowest profile available on the market
  • dealers can request color combinations

*Available in the colors shown.  Red, blue, black, and silver.

SLG Spring Detents

Performance detents for the SLG. Check these out. Spring loaded which is easier on the ball and offers less friction on the bolt.

  • sold in pairs, 2 springs & 2 detents
  • easier on brittle paint
  • less friction on bolt
  • works great with force feed hoppers

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