Shocker Fully Adjustable Trigger

This allows you to have the "mouse click" trigger pull for a difference you can really feel. First, here are some benefits.

  • Fully adjustable for both the switch contact and post travel.
  • Available in the colors shown
  • No need to remove the trigger for adjustments, make them on the gun through the small access holes.
  • Trigger stop set screw has a nylon tip to stop frame wear. Plus both set screws are made of stainless steel. Not only that, the screws themselves will never back out and get lost.
  • Wider than stock for minimal side to side wobble.
  • Hard coat anodized for maximum wear resistance.
  • Its as wide as the trigger guard with a rounded finger area for the ultimate in comfort. Its .375 wide.
  • Replaces the stock trigger with
    no other mods needed.
  • It also comes packaged with the allen wrench.

* Fits ONLY Shockers that have the flat top trigger as pictured, and not the domed version.

SFT Shocker/ Nerve/ Impulse Ball Detents

Customization with added performance is what its all about. Our new Impulse style threaded ball detents with custom star milling. We offer both the short and long (Vision side) length style ball detents. Our detents have a slightly higher spring rate. This helps prevent double feeding when using force feed hoppers. Yet, not that strong to create unwanted wear on the detents or bolt.

  • Custom milled profile
  • Slightly higher spring rate. Helps prevent double feeding when using force feed hoppers
  • Comes in all our popular colors as shown
  • Standard or Vision length

*Available Red, Black, Green, Purple, Blue & Silver.

SFT Shocker/ Impulse Lo/no Rize for Halo or Universal

The lowest one you can find (Halo version). This brings your hopper much lower to make you and your marker less of a target. Top row is for universal hoppers or VL Revolutions while the bottom row fits only the Halo.

  • 1 piece design and custom sized for universal or Halo
  • Halo version is very low, 1 1/4 inches shorter than stock and only 1 1/4 inched high. Wow..
  • 3 o-rings provide Flex-Grip, for a real tight
  • Universal version is only 18.5 gr and only 1.57 inches long. Almost 1" shorter than stock !
  • Our universal versions length is designed to place the ball near the center of the hoppers eye, this eliminates unnecessary hopper action & noise
  • Comes in all our popular colors

*We recommend using a low rise on vision Impulses. May be used on non-Vision Impulse but some users may experience ball chopping.

*Available in Universal & Halo. Red, Black, Green, Purple, Blue & Silver.

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