NXT Slik Trigger

The fastest NXTdual roller trigger. Has 4 point adjustment, all are made from the trigger face. No tearing down your grip.

  • Fully adjustable switch contact , pre/ post travel along with spring tension
  • all adjustments are made from the trigger face
  • dual roller bearing design for no side to side wobble
  • comes with allen key

* Fits NXT Shockers only. Stock trigger needed for the spring screw, which needs to be swapped over.

NXT Pro-Lock Clampfeeds

The best clampfeed is now even better as they come with a dusted finish. Features posi-lock, the lever normally wants to remain closed. Has an internal cross hatched pattern to firmly grip and hold on whatever hopper you may have. Click pic or here for larger view.

  • clamp or unclamp your hopper at the flip of a lever, just seconds
  • internal crossed hatch pattern for a firm solid grip
  • set it quickly to hopper using an allen key or for fine adjustment
  • small, low profile the smallest on the market
  • dealers call for custom color combinations

*Available in the dust colors shown.  Red, blue, black, and silver.

NXT Std. Low Pressure Firing Can

NXT or open body Shocker firing can. If you have a stock or a Smart Parts HE bolt kit in your 03 Shocker, your in luck. Now you can install one of our high flow, high volume firing can to show colored accents.

  • Works with HE bolt kit for low pressure and high efficiency operation
  • increased volume capacity
  • run lower input pressures
  • reduced pressures offer less kick, noise and wear


Officially licensed product from Smart Parts, Inc.

Note: Our HE firing can will work on Shockers that have either no side holes or side holes that will seal with our side o-rings. Designed for NXT or stock SFT Shockers with side body cut-outs.

*Available Black, Silver, Blue & Red.

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