SFT Shocker V3 (Stinger) Low Pressure Bolt Kit

Simply put, this bolt rocks. The smoothest, lowest pressure, less kick, bolt kit that you will find.. Anywhere !!! Expect shot counts ranging from 1200 to 1300+ shots using a 68/4500 psi tank. Our refined high performance kit greatly enhances airflow while reducing o-ring friction. Heck, its even an officially licensed product.

  • high flow bolt design for high efficiency operation
  • Revised bolt thats 2.6gr. lighter than before
  • Greatly improved shot count over stock bolt, up to 56% more shots on a stock 68/4500psi setup firing 900 shots
  • Lowest input pressure operation avg. of 170psi, even pressures under 160psi are possible
  • Ultra flow aluminum bolt that's now even lighter and takes up LESS internal volume for lower input pressures
  • Helps eliminates first shot drop off (FSDO) by reducing friction
  • Ultra smooth operation using low o-ring friction and very smooth surface finishes
  • Increased R.O.F.and in many cases maxed out
  • Includes 2 side seal firing can o-rings and one rear bumper

Install Instructions

* Technology licensed from Smart Parts Inc.

Note: Our kits will work on Shockers that have either no side holes or side holes that will seal with our side o-rings. Designed for stock 03 Shocker side body cut-outs.

*Available Black, Silver, Blue & Red.

SFT 03 Shocker/ Impulse Pro-Lock Feednecks

New NDZ Pro-Lock clamp feed system. Features posi-lock, the lever normally wants to remain closed. We also made them with an internal cross hatched pattern to firmly grip and hold on whatever you may have, Egg, Halo, etc. Click on pic or here for larger view.

  • clamp or unclamp your hopper at the flip of a lever, just seconds
  • internal crossed hatch pattern for a firm solid grip
  • set it quickly to hopper using an allen key or for fine adjustment
  • small, low profile the smallest on the market
  • dealers call for custom color combinations

*Available in the colors shown.  Red, blue, black, and silver.


SFT Shocker/ Nerve Roller Blade

That's right, it's our Roller blade. However these don't belong on your feet. The first roller blade, adjustable trigger for your Nerve/ 03 Shocker. (Includes spring, as a magnet no longer included)

  • Roller bearing pivot point for a snappy, crisp, ultra smooth trigger pull
  • Lightest trigger mfg. by us for the Nerve/ 03 Shocker
  • smooth radiused finger section for ultra comfort
  • Nylon tipped trigger stop set screw to stop frame wear.  All hardware is stainless steel
  • Loctite (serviceable) is pre-applied to screws for added convenience
  • Wider than stock for minimal side to side wobble
  • Wide as the trigger guard with a rounded finger area for the ultimate in comfort.  Its .375" wide
  • Yield higher rates of fire from less weight & bearing pivot point
  • comes packaged with allen key & precision ground pin

Install Instructions

*Available Black, Silver, Blue &

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