NXT/ SFT Shocker SST Ported Manifold

Performance... everyone knows that at NDZ we don't mess around. These plates offer the highest flow over any other plate on the market, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the difference. Not only that, you can say good-bye to stripping your stock aluminum plate.

  • Large exhaust ports to help reduce first shot drop
  • Ball radiused and angled air passages for the highest possible flow with minimal restriction
  • Engraved for quick identification

We can only describe these plates as "sweet".

NXT/ SFT Fully Adjustable, Floating Bolt Guide

When it comes to techies or indoors low velocities, its game ON !!!!! Set up your Shocker to shot below 250fps consistently. Now you to extend the center shaft thus altering or adding mechanical dwell. Tip is hinged pinned, for floating action thats self centering. Eliminates any bolt side loads or friction.

  • Fully adjustable shaft to fine tune any Shocker
  • Tune your Shocker for velocities down or below 250fps and run consistently
  • Swivel tip eliminates side loads for reduced friction
  • Going for the the lightest Shocker, this guide will shed 13.2 gr !!!
  • Increased volume capacity (between o-rings)
  • Low to no maintenance rear bumper


*Available in Black, Silver, Blue & Red

Shocker Bolt O-ring Kit, H.E. or NDZ kits

Make sure you have parts on hand for those problems that can just pop up or for general maintainance. O-rings are an item that should be in every box. Especially for the bolt, as the o-rings see lots of stress. We use quality urethane o-rings for areas that see the most stress.

Kit contents:
8 -023 o-rings
  1 -020 o-ring
  3 -017 o-rings
  3 -016 o-rings
  2 -015 o-ring
  2 -012 o-rings
  1 rear bumper

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