Shocker/ Nerve "Slik" Roller Trigger

Our latest release yet. Its light, very light and flip switch compatible. Who else can you bring you items like these. No need for magnet on this baby.

  • flip switch compatible, has multi switch adjustment holes
  • its so light, it needs no magnet
  • weights a super light 7gr.
  • Roller pivot point for a snappy, crisp, smooth trigger pull
  • smooth rounded edges for ultra comfort
  • hardware is stainless steel
  • Loctite (serviceable) is pre-applied to screws for added convenience
  • minimal side to side wobble
  • Yield higher rates of fire from less weight & roller pivot point
  • packaged with allen key & precision ground pin

Install Instructions

*Available Black, Silver, Red & Blue

Shocker/ Nerve Band Clamp Feednecks

New NDZ Band clamp feednecks. A simple solid solution to keeping your hopper on at all times. Each has an internal cross hatched pattern to firmly grip every hopper. From Egg, Halo, etc. Click on pic for larger view.

  • clamp or unclamp your hopper at the turn of an allen key
  • internal crossed hatch pattern for a firm solid grip
  • small, low profile the smallest on the market

Color bands sold separately, and can be used on any and all NDZ Pro-Clamps versions.

*Available in Red, blue, black, and silver


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