A5, X7, 98 EVT Piston Housing

Designed with performance in mind. With markers cycling faster due to electronics and other upgrades, we decided to improve some other items as well. Here is our new EVT Extreme Vent Technology housing.

  • testing confirms a net velocity increase at the chrono
  • super fast cycling using EVT, early venting which returns the piston assembly that much sooner
  • Extreme Vent Tech also offers venting in multiple stages.
  • matte finish matches your marker perfectly

NOTE: Shown on the cyclone feed system which is NOT included. This housing will fit any Tippmann marker with a Cyclone feed system installed.

* Available in Black or Silver


A5, X7 Bolt Assembly

Upgrade your stock plastic power tube with a precision machined one for higher performance. Our custom power tube seals on the bolt when reaches the firing position, also has our tight fitting front velocity screw. This securely holds the front velocity screw tight!

  • replace stock plastic power tube with a precision machine power tube made from aircraft grade aluminum
  • includes tight fit front velocity screw that will not loosen causing high velocity
  • delrin bolt has cupped face and rounded edges , helps reduce ball breaks

98, A5, X7 High Performance Delrin Bolt

NDZ high performance delrin bolt for the Tippmann marker line-up. Works on all 98's, A5 and X7 markers

  • cupped face & round edges help reduce ball breaks, easier on paint
  • internal o-ring reduces air leakage, helps save air
  • outside o-ring seals the bolt to the barrel using front o-ring during firing
  • 2 great features which help improve overall efficiency 
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