Phenom Pro Series Bolt Kit

NEW !! Our new advanced "Soft Face" Pro Series Delrin bolt kit for the Phenom. This upgrade is the latest and greatest for this marker to reduce ball breaks, allow reliable low pressure operation with high rates of fire. Includes our lightweight bolt for reduced kick, our revised V2 spring and high flow CFS fitting for solid operation below 200psi... Stock cyclones generally stop feeding 800-1000psi

  • 100% delrin bolt for reduced kick
  • Soft Bolt face, prevents ball breaks 
  • includes our High Flow CFS fitting for superior low pressure Cyclone operation
  • NEW V2 revised bolt spring, reliable low pressure operation & maintaining high rates of fire!
A5, X7, 98 Cyclone HOT Rod

NEW !! Perfecting the art of performance & speed is what we do best. Our new billet HOT rod replaces your stock cylinder piston. Friction robs you of performance. We reduced friction by installing a well needed brass bearing which improves performance. Will not flex or bend like your stock one. 100% compatible on all Cyclone equipped Tippmann's.

  • installed brass bearing reduces friction, improves performance
  • will not break, nor does it flex like stock one  
  • add all our parts for an indestructible feed system

Note: Includes Hot Rod shaft only, ratchet is sold seperatly

A5, X7, 98, BT Lightweight Hammer System

NEW !!  Perfecting speed and user adjustablility to reduce kick. Our new custom hammer 9 piece kit has 14 different user adjustable weight settings.

  • weights from 69.2-120 grams
  • decreases trigger pull, 40-60%
  • 14 different weight combinations
  • lenghtened sear ramp for easier re-cocks
  • will not work with ACT system

Note: Weights need to be used in 3's, either brass or delrin. Includes Hammer, 2 bolt plugs, 5 weights, 1 weight sleeve. Using a very light hammer may require an aftermarket spring.

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