Spitfire Bolt for Phenom

NEW !! It was a challenge to have a lightweight bolt and work properly, but we figured it out. Our bolt is 62% lighter than stock and includes our custom spring. 

  • 62% lighter than stock, BIG decease in weight
  • 8 port venturi face
  • adds 10+ fps increase in velocity
  • smooth face for hassle free operation
  • includes custom NDZ spring
  • better shot to shot consistency
  • improved accuracy
  • quieter operation

Made in the USA.

Hi-Flow Cyclone Air Fitting for Phenom

NEW !! Yet, another good way to improve your Phenom. Small but effective part to make sure your Cyclone feed runs reliablibly. 47% increased port size helps low pressure operation allowing for more air flow & volume. 

  • increased port size, 47% for improved air flow, reliable Cyclone operation
  • largest size before you need to change the swivel fitting
  • improves low pressure operation
  • tapered barb allows for easy hose installation
  • smaller/ shorter external profile vs stock fitting

Made in the USA.

Dual Trigger Kit for X7 Phenom

NEW !! Dual finger trigger kit, includes everything you see w/o the marker that is. Improves the finger area by opening it up, allowing the fingers to really get going. This kit also reduced trigger pull !!

  • complete kit, trigger, guard spring
  • precision reamed hole for a perfect, no wobble fit
  • features custom spring for reduced trigger pull by about 20%
  • use in mechanical or electronic modes
  • allows for cold weather play, plenty of room for gloves
  • custom trigger guard to help improve finger area

Made in the USA.

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